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Oasis Services has been in business since 2010. The idea for our company came from our founder, Tegga Lendado when he wanted to provide a more effective method for communication with non-English proficient individuals all around the Atlanta, GA area. We have become one of the highest-rated linguist companies since we started the business, and we offer over 200 languages with 24/7, year-round assistance. We are continuing to grow as a global presence with freelancers and locations in many countries.

All of our services come at reasonable prices because we believe cultural communication should be something everyone can take advantage of. Bridging the language and cultural barrier is the motto we go by. Closing communication gaps among like individuals is essential in building strong bonds. Our company has a passion for helping people all over the world gain opportunities through language translation. When you want to learn, we are ready to teach.

Let Oasis Services teach you the languages you have always dreamed about. All of our professional translators are willing to be patient and guide you through the language learning process. You will not find better and more caring interpreters than the ones at our company. We guarantee it.